Speaking at SQLSaturday Chicago

I’m happy to announce that my first public session of 2016 will be at SQLSaturday Chicago on March 5! I will be talking about the system_health Extended Events session and the default trace. Here’s the details:

Dammit Jim! Dr McCoy’s Field Guide to system_health (and the default trace)

As DBAs, we are asked all sorts of impossible questions. Who dropped that important table last month? Why was everything slow last week? Who made that user a sysadmin? You’d have to be a mind reader to know the answers to some of those, right? Not necessarily! SQL Server can help you find information about these and other common problems with its default trace and system_health Extended Events session, but you have to know how to collect and interpret the data they provide. In this session, we’ll explore what system_health and the default trace are, what information they contain, and how to use them to find the answers you’re searching for.

As you might guess from the title, we’re going to have fun with this session, while showing you how you can use some of SQL Server’s built-in logging to find details of what has already happened on your server (even if you don’t have any of your own logging configured).

SQLSaturday Chicago is always a great event, and I’m glad that it’s back in 2016 after a year off. I’m really looking forward to getting this year started right – see you there!