How to Keep Your Databases Secure in Just Minutes a Day

You’re busy. You don’t have time to check the security of your systems all the time, right? It’s not like anyone has added a user that you don’t know about. And no one would create a database and add all logins to the db_owner role. And of course, no one would ever think of setting the TRUSTWORTHY property on a database… right?
Things like that happen on a daily basis, poking holes in even the most well-secured database. Those holes are just waiting for someone to find them. That someone could be you, or it could be an attacker probing for a way to get data from your company.
In this session, we will explore how to create reports that are quick to review so you can find the holes before someone else does – without interfering with the rest of your day. Along the way, you’ll also learn where to find security-related information in SQL Server’s metadata and logs to allow you to customize and extend the reports to meet your company’s unique needs.
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