SQL Saturday Minneapolis Wrap-Up

Last week, I attended SQL Saturday Minneapolis and presented my session “SQL Server Features That Will Blow Your Mind!”.  Thanks to all who came!  Even though my session was in the last slot of the day, you were a very engaged group, and it’s always fun to teach to a group like that.  I’ve uploaded the latest copy of my slides and demos to my site; you can find them on my Presentations page.

I also had the privilege of attending David Klee’s pre-conference session on virtualization.  In all of the SQL Saturdays I’ve attended, I’ve never been to a pre-con, but this one certainly won’t be my last.  It was a great day and a great topic.  If you get the chance, register for this session – even if you already know quite a bit about virtualization, you’ll certainly come away with something new.

And finally, I have to say thanks to the organizers of SQL Saturday Minneapolis.  They always put on a fantastic conference, and this year was no exception.  Thanks, everyone!  I look forward to coming back next year.