I’m Speaking: SQL Saturday Chicago

It’s spring, and that means that speaking season is starting up again!  My first presentation of the year will be at SQL Saturday #291 in Chicago on April 26.  I’ll be presenting “SQL Server Features That Will Blow Your Mind!”, a new developer-focused session that covers four features added by Microsoft in recent versions that are sure to elicit “WOW! How’d you do that?” from the uninitiated:

  • window functions, which add new dimensions to aggregates (and new aggregates!) by dividing your query’s data into partitions (or “windows”) on-the-fly;
  • sparse columns, which allow you to store large numbers of nullable columns in very little space – and allow you to interact with them using XML;
  • filtered indexes, which enable creation of indexes that ignore unneeded values (such as nulls), thus reducing the size of the index and improving performance; and
  • snapshot isolation, which can eliminate blocking by reads without the dangers of dirty reads introduced by NOLOCK.

I plan to have a lot of demos to show you just how easy it can be to use all of these.  It’s going to be a fun hour!

In addition, SQL Saturday Chicago has almost 50 other sessions by top-grade speakers – and it’s all free.  See you there!


Ed Leighton-Dick helps small and midsize businesses solve their most challenging database performance, resiliency, and data security issues at Kingfisher Data, the consulting firm he founded in 2014. He has taught thousands of people at over 200 events, including the world's largest Microsoft data platform conferences, and he has been a leader in the Microsoft data community since 2008. Microsoft has recognized Ed seven times as a Data Platform MVP for his expertise and service to the data community.