Is anyone here?

So it turns out that this summer and fall have been very, very busy – too busy to start a blog.  A short synopsis:

  • I completed my 5K!  As I posted earlier, I ran a 5K on September 17.  I finished in 31:00.08 – by far, a personal best.  I’m still running, too, and I hope to run more in the spring.
  • My user group, I-380 PASS, hosted a SQL Saturday on October 1.  Attendance wasn’t what we hoped for, but it was a great event nonetheless.  Thanks to all our speakers and sponsors for helping us put on the event!
  • Just over a week later, I flew to Seattle for the annual PASS Summit.  This was my fourth Summit, and I have to say that it was my favorite one so far.  I met a lot of new people, caught up with a number of people I’ve met at previous Summit, and learned an amazing amount.
  • The next weekend, my wife and I traveled to southwest Wisconsin for a wedding (and a weekend away from it all).
  • And somewhere in there, I did actually spend time at work and with my family. 🙂

Getting back to topic, though, I am going to start blogging now that other commitments have settled down for a while.  Watch this space for some SQL goodness in the coming weeks.